Someday, they might be the story of Super Bowl week.

Rosenberg, Mike

Someday, they might be the story of Super Bowl week.

Larry Fitzgerald Jr. is a Pro Bowl receiver for the Arizona Cardinals.

Larry Fitzgerald Sr. is the sports editor of the Minnesota
he has covered 26 straight Super Bowls.

Does Larry Sr. lecture Larry Jr. on how to deal with the media? Or does
lecture the media on how to cover Larry Jr.?

“You know, I gotta tell you, I do a little of both,” said Larry Sr.,
paper, an African-American weekly, has a circulation of 55,000.

Larry Sr. is protective of both his son (ital) and (end ital) his son’s
Dennis Green. When Green coached the Minnesota Vikings, he had a
contract with
Larry Sr.’s radio network.

“We have that right to say what we believe,” Larry Sr. said. “But if
they try to
praise Larry and then slam Denny in a combination, I don’t like that.”

At least Dad doesn’t have to worry about his kid sounding off in the
Larry Jr. is one of the most respectful, dignified stars in the league.
When he
sees other players get mad at reporters and shakes his head.

“I tell them: ‘If you don’t give them the sound bytes, if you don’t
give them
the controversy in the locker room, there would never be anything’,”
Larry Jr.
said. “I don’t want to be that guy.”