(From Ralph Vacchiano, NY Daily News)

(Height/Weight) 6-2.8 … 225

(Q: Is that what you play at?) I play between 230 and 225.

(Q: Are you going to workout?) No.

(Q: What do your run in the 40?) I’ve been consistently running 4.4s throughout my training.

(Q: When’s the last time you ran a 4.4?) I ran a 4.4 this summer.

(Q: What would be a good rookie year for you?) I really don’t like to put numbers into it. I just want to get in and get acclimated to the system and get comfortable with my quarterback and just help the team any way I can.

(re: relationship with Dennis Green) Coach Green, he opened the door for me in terms of letting me be able to see professional athletes working every day, watching how they got so good, what they did to make them play so well on Sundays. A lot of people don’t actually get to see that. I got to see their work ethic and what it took.

(Q: When did you start working for him?) I started working for him when I was probably about 13 and I did it until I was about 17.

(re: relationship with Moss and Carter) It was good. I was out there with them every day. They were always pulling me aside and telling me little things I need to watch, you know ‘Watch me do this, watch me do that. You need to work on this.’ Little things like that. I was just sitting back there, I just had lunch wit